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St. Philip's Academy 2011 Annual Report
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St. Philip’s Academy (Now Philip's Education Partners) is an innovative school in the heart of Newark, NJ. They asked 3rd Edge to help them reinvent their annual report. Utilizing captivating photography and streamlined copy, we designed a report that is well paced and enables St. Philip’s to tell the many facets of their success. We created custom information graphics to highlight their organizational achievements and demonstrate the need for continued support. The report was very well received by supporters, staff and industry experts:

“Confession: I believe that most annual reports are hairballs. Something, i.e., the cat coughed up. Predictable. Anti-exciting. So when you run across one that is NOT like that ... well, whoopie! Here's one I love. Newark’s St. Philip’s Academy has produced a delightfully donor-centric annual report. Read the introduction. Then savor, as I did repeatedly, this tale of triumph. The graphic design is a magnificent romp. See how focus, joy and smart photography combine to thrill readers cover to cover.” - Tom Ahern, Donor Communications Expert (aherncomm.com)


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