Building a Healthy City

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New Brunswick, New Jersey is also known as “The Healthcare City.” This bustling metropolis offers a wealth of health & wellness resources for its residents. However, New Brunswick’s health & wellness providers found that people weren’t fully utilizing the services available to them. To change this, a coalition of organizations including the city government launched the LIVE WELL-VIVIR BIEN NEW BRUNSWICK™ campaign.

Putting a City at Their Fingertips

To connect residents to these vital resources, our digital strategy focused on integrating resources, social communities and campaign information into a mobile app. In close collaboration with the campaign communications team we developed several key features:

  • Resource detail pages that present campaign partner overviews, locations, contact info, services offered, hours of operation, etc.
  • An event calendar that highlights upcoming health-related activities.
  • Push notifications that enable subscribers to receive text alerts about campaign updates.
  • A social feature that allows residents to check-in to places, add friends, and post comments and pictures.
  • Campaign social media feeds that feature related videos and photos.
  • The campaign’s pre-existing brand was integrated into the app’s design.
  • The mobile app is available on the campaign website, which 3rd Edge also developed.

Empowering People

The LIVE WELL-VIVIR BIEN NEW BRUNSWICK mobile app is now available on the AppStore and on Google Play. For the first time, the people of New Brunswick have a single resource, available 24/7 that can help them live healthier lives.


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