Fostering a Community of Health & Wellness

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Several of New Brunswick, New Jersey’s leading organizations found themselves facing a collective challenge… The city offered a rich abundance of programs and services geared toward helping people live healthier lives, however, awareness and utilization was low. In response to this, the "LIVE WELL-VIVIR BIEN NEW BRUNSWICK" campaign was launched. Its goal is to connect people to the programs and activities that can help them improve their health and quality of life.

Crafting Captivating Content

As part of our content strategy, we worked with a local videographer to capture photography and video of residents using the city’s health & wellness resources. Information graphics help inform residents about the resources available to them. For the campaign to be a success, dozens of organizations would need to be involved. A feature was created to highlight local organizations monthly and generate awareness about the health & wellness resources they offer.

Encouraging Participation

To meet an accelerated deadline, we sketched wireframes and a site map for the site’s information architecture. We then rapidly moved to prototyping the site. This enabled us to present a direction to the communications team and get quick feedback. Many helpful features emerged from the process. An events calendar gives residents updated information on activities. The media can access resources and information about the campaign. Local organizations can apply to become a campaign partner, submit their events and access resources to help spread the word. We sought to encourage local residents to download a mobile app , which 3rd Edge also built. For the site's visual design, we incorporated the campaign's pre-existing brand.

“3rd Edge’s close collaboration with our team helped us enhance our original vision for the website and develop a compelling case for the campaign.”

Monica Reyes, Manager of Communications & Development, New Brunswick Tomorrow


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