Resurrecting a City

New Brunswick Tomorrow Branding
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During the 1960’s & 70’s the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey suffered from debilitating urban decay. A visionary named John Heldrich gathered a group of citizens together who decided to change that. As a result, New Brunswick Tomorrow (NBT) was born. Since then, the city has benefited from an unprecedented economic & social revitalization. NBT has been the catalyst for this revival, however, potential donors, the media and local residents were not fully aware of their vital role.

Creating A Unified Message

We sat down with the leadership team and listened to their stories. As a result, an approach emerged that would enable their audience to “connect the dots” between the life-changing programs they benefit from everyday and NBT, where many of these programs originate. We created a new slogan, “Moving People Forward” to capture the essence of their behind-the-scenes, multifaceted work. A messaging platform was developed to enable board members and staff to present and talk about NBT in a unified manner.

Revitalizing A Brand

3rd Edge’s visual branding presents a friendly, human, intelligent personality that reflects their people and work. The new logo captures the spirit of the original mark. It’s complemented by a warm color palette, iconography and information graphics. This brand was integrated into all of their key brand touch-points: digital, print and environmental. NBT’s new website showcases their results and the people behind them. In addition, an interactive feature helps to demystify the process of how they work. Original video & photography captures the powerful stories of those whose lives have been transformed by NBT’s vision. Our video work helped position NBT to raise a year’s worth of funding for a program that empowers teenage mothers and for the first time, they received donations online.


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