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Urban Arts Partnership 2015 Impact Report
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Urban Arts Partnership (UAP) believes deeply in the potential of every student, irrespective of where they come from, to grow, graduate from school and have successful careers. UAP's innovative approach and programs unlock the potential of thousands of students in the U.S. Every day, they empower over 15,000 students, 99% are students of color from schools in high poverty districts. 2,000 of these students are challenged with autism, intellectual disabilities or emotional disturbances. The results UAP has achieved in working with them is remarkable.

They asked 3rd Edge to develop an Impact Report that demonstrates the effectiveness of this work. We collaborated with them to distill their information to its essence. Utilizing information graphics, photography, and icons, we were able to powerfully convey the breadth and depth of their results to potential donors. We leveraged their vibrant brand vocabulary to present an organization that is transforming the lives of thousands for the better.


Creative Direction, Communications Design, Information Graphics